Cover war no more

War No More


James Carroll contributes the Foreword to The Library of America volume on Antiwar writing, edited by Lawrence Rosenwald.

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Cover toward a new catholic church

Toward a New Catholic Church: The Promise of Reform


“The boisterous collapse of trust in the Catholic hierarchy during the pedophile scandals makes it not only important but imperative to heed this eloquent call for a new Ecumenical (this time truly ecumenical) Council.” - Garry Wills 

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Cover city below

The City Below


“As a novelist-historian of our times, James Carroll might be compared to the British novelist Doris Lessing - his work has her range and intensity…Carroll has become one of the writers who shape our sense of ourselves.” - Martin Green, The Atlantic

A New York Times Notable Book

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Cover prince of piece

Prince of Peace


A novel of faith, redemption, truth, and honor, “so rich and vital it leaves you breathless.” - Chicago Tribune

“A coherent and credible statement” of what divided America during Vietnam.  - The New York Times

A New York Times bestseller

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Cover secret father

Secret Father


“There is no redemption without pain. But the message of ''Secret Father'' is broader: for nations as for individuals, there can be no imagining the future Until the past has been quieted.” - Alan Riding, The New York Times

A New York Times Notable Book 

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Cover memorial bridge

Memorial Bridge


A novel about an American family destroyed by the Vietnam War. 

“Carroll captures a commitment to principle, and fierce bewildered bravery emblematic to a generation.” - Publishers Weekly

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Cover family trade

Family Trade


“Mr. Carroll is a storyteller of growing power, and in ''Family Trade'' he has bitten off his biggest drama yet and made of it a surpassing banquet” - Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, The New York Times

Cover fault lines

Fault LInes


A brutal custody battle against the backdrop of the Vietnam War, “a novel of interesting depth and subtlety.” - Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, The New York Times

Cover mortal friends

Mortal Friends


“The Irish Godfather.” - The Boston Globe

“The best novel to come out of Boston since Edwin O’Connor’s Last Hurrah.” - John Barkham Reviews

A New York Times Bestseller, more than one million sold

Cover madonna red

Madonna Red


“A feminist thriller” –Howard Zinn

Translated into eight languages 

Cover forbidden disappointments

Forbidden Disappointments


“James Carroll’s first book of verse Forbidden Disappointments is impressive. The general theme is the conflict between belief and existential disorder. “Resurrection Poem” and half a dozen others announce a new, original talent.” –Allen Tate