Cover city below

The City Below


“As a novelist-historian of our times, James Carroll might be compared to the British novelist Doris Lessing - his work has her range and intensity…Carroll has become one of the writers who shape our sense of ourselves.” - Martin Green, The Atlantic

A New York Times Notable Book

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Cover prince of piece

Prince of Peace


A novel of faith, redemption, truth, and honor, “so rich and vital it leaves you breathless.” - Chicago Tribune

“A coherent and credible statement” of what divided America during Vietnam.  - The New York Times

A New York Times bestseller

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Cover secret father

Secret Father


“There is no redemption without pain. But the message of ''Secret Father'' is broader: for nations as for individuals, there can be no imagining the future Until the past has been quieted.” - Alan Riding, The New York Times

A New York Times Notable Book 

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Cover memorial bridge

Memorial Bridge


A novel about an American family destroyed by the Vietnam War. 

“Carroll captures a commitment to principle, and fierce bewildered bravery emblematic to a generation.” - Publishers Weekly

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Cover family trade

Family Trade


“Mr. Carroll is a storyteller of growing power, and in ''Family Trade'' he has bitten off his biggest drama yet and made of it a surpassing banquet” - Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, The New York Times

Cover fault lines

Fault LInes


A brutal custody battle against the backdrop of the Vietnam War, “a novel of interesting depth and subtlety.” - Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, The New York Times

Cover mortal friends

Mortal Friends


“The Irish Godfather.” - The Boston Globe

“The best novel to come out of Boston since Edwin O’Connor’s Last Hurrah.” - John Barkham Reviews

A New York Times Bestseller, more than one million sold

Cover madonna red2

Madonna Red


“A feminist thriller” –Howard Zinn

Translated into eight languages 

Cover supply of heroes

Supply of Heroes: A Novel


“Each book by James Carroll changed the way I look at the world. Supply of Heroes is a magnificent achievement. He is one of those rare writers who gets better each time he goes up on the high wire. He amazes. He dazzles.” 

- Pat Conroy

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